love actually.

Anything that gets invented after you are thirty is against the natural order of things. 

i read this somewhere, i actually have it some where in my shared items in google reader.

i am 27 now.

i have grown up with sachin on tv. its actually as simple as this. rest of it is, is just plain english. its not about gift. brain lara and yuvraj singh are gifted. its not about grit or work ethic, rahul dravid and anil kumble represent that. i wish i was good enough put in, in writing the logic behind sachin tendulkar. sachin tendulkar it seems is believable. he exists. you know he represents us. people have allowed him too.

sachin’s six off shoaib akhtar or yuvraj’s six sixes ? sachin’s last over in hero cup or bhajji’s hat trick or for even that matter kumble’s 10 wickets.

why is sachin extra special ? why is someone extra special ? is it b’coz he has that many runs or that many centuries ? there hasn’t been a moment, not even a fraction of a second when he has let us down, there is no bloody reason to like someone else.

love is not about being perfect, it’s not about usual adjectives. i don’t know what love is about, it certainly isn’t style or elegance. love always is someone yours. sachin will always be ours. his failure wont take him away from us, like they say with love..time will only bring him closer.

i for sure know one thing, i just love the guy. he is simply GOD to me. whether its another century or 2011 world cup, i for sure will be around to support the guy..about cricket i am not sure.


Hi Dear….
Now the time has come to take a step ahead and become more responsible…I am glad to share with you that I have found my soulmate who will be joining my path to share my life with her…..its my immense pleasure to invite you on 10th of DEC. ‘09 to have loads of Masti n Dhammal.
I know its early but appointments are taken in advance… keep this day only for me and making it more exiting and memorable by shattering you Love ‘N’ Blessings to both of us.
You have always been close to my Heart and your presence will make this memorable day more Prestigious ‘N’ Eventful.
Event Place: Hotel Intercity, Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh)
With Love

with all due respect to the couple and congratulations of the highest order, its an arranged marriage. not even two months and things like soul mate, share, path of life ..are part of the deal.

chaliye bahut bahut badhai ho.


alok bahut akela akela rehta hai..kahi aata jaata bhi nahi hai, koi friend bhi nahi hai..iska jaldi shaadi kara do.

marry someone straight out of college at 22 or wait till 32…else forget it.


you see her on the first day of college, you keep running into her during first year and by the time you eventually you get to know her by the end of first year/ second year, you are nuts about her. pure unadulterated passion. eyes, lips, hair ..everything makes you go crazy. there is no other criteria. the way she walks, the way she smiles, her dressing sense,  you are just hooked. there is no other choice. its like its her or no one else. just the thought of touching her gives you goose bumps. its like there is something to discover beneath her skin.


you know yourself now. your capabilities, your limitations. you make sensible choices now. everything has a logic behind it. nothing is impulsive. you now want to settle now. you look for someone stable. someone mature. someone who would be able to share responsibility. someone who would make a good friend. a life partner. someone who could take decisions on your behalf. someone who has seen the world. someone independent.

27 next month. i should wait else it won’t work out.


same person who studied till eighth grade in bilaspur ?

yes got it… dat same fat guy wid spects?if i m not mistaken…were r u


He (Vishal Bharadwaj) started playing harmonium for little known ghazal singers at the various food festivals in Delhi’s Pragati Maidan.

Kaminey is releasing on 14 august. i actually want to see this one. see it, matlab not in bilaspur gaon or in my computer. i wish i could be all alone in a pvr or cinemax, exclusive private show kind of thing. all alone. no disturbance. i missed out watching maqbool in a theater and missed out on quite a few dialogues of omkara because people around  just wouldn’t stop chatting. i mean what does a man need anything more ?? its a vishal bharadwaj’s film and it has gulzar saab doing the lyrics. he can so bloody well depict that raw human passion, true animal instinct. vulgarity which isn’t. the connection is just instantaneous.

for me, a movie should either be a lost in translation or monsoon wedding or pulp fiction. someday i would want to see vishal bharadwaj’s lost in translation with abhay deol.


namesake & monsoon wedding.

Two of my favorite films. calcutta & delhi. it’s how the director chose to visualize the whole idea/story. she was able to produce delhi/calcutta exactly as i imagine to be. its not a "lost in translation” yet it gives you enough time to settle, and then takes off to a different world, which is not alien. the whole setting is so contemporary, so suave..people are actually nice, educated…music is peppy, smart and yet familiar enough to tune you to the culture being introduced. people are actually shown sitting down having some sort of conversation. for me..there is no central character, the theme, the culture, the environment is the appeal, i somehow did not notice any protagonist. in the both the films things are introduced at a comfortable pace, there is absolutely no hurry and yet pace doesn’t bore you. 

all in all beautiful, unagitated times.



A lion wakes up everyday and starts running after a deer to survive. A deer wakes up everyday and starts running from a lion to survive. So the point is that it does not matter whether you are a lion or a deer. You just have to keep running.